Shoe Buyers
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Shoe Buyers

In terms of Shoe Buyers:

  • Shoe Selection and Examining Process. We send every single detail of a chosen-shoe. Also, by detailed photos and controlls shoe buyer is well informed about the shoe models.


  • Pre-Order Procedure: The buyer can make changes for the chosen model such as encolouring, model diversification, marking and so on. All gathered infos will be tranferred to the manufacturer and each step is being followed. In this stage, we help you to conclude final order.


  • Order Period: In each of the following is not seperated. It will be operated after the pre-order procedure which the Buyer has already determined the model of the shoes.  
    • The pricing: Quantity of chosen models are being ordered by the Buyer. Each different models and their amounts are being defined. Ordered shoes are priced in terms of quantites by pair and the model of the shoe itself.
    • Working Conditions: Manufacturers and buyers will be agreed on manufacture and delivery date. In this case, there will be set of communication during the manufacturing process by us. For example, the Buyer may ask for its own packaging and marking of the product. Also barcoding of the shoe is under our control. Manufacturers’ operations will be informed the Buyer in every step so that there will be no more waste of time. We are asking both sides to conclude order by an “agreement”.


  • Payment: Payment schedule is being decided in terms of both sides’ eligibility.


  • Quality Control: We, as Shoe Provide, follow the manufacturing by starting point to the completion of the manufacture for the Buyer. When the production is completed, the all “pair of shoes” are controlled by us. We are guaranteeing the Buyer about quality and quantity of its order.


  • Logistics: INCOTERMS conditions will be agreed on by both sides. Loading process and delivery vehicles are tracked by us.
Please contact us for further informations.